Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Using Quotes" Article Response

~A) What was this article about...?

This article was about how this one high school, Dalton, had a newspaper that needed approval before publishing an article about a speech given by Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who was supposed to be "one of the court's most vigilant defenders of First Amendment values". When the high school journalists sent a draft in to the justice's office, they got it back with "minor tweaks" to make sure the point the justice intended to make was accurate. Some people said that this was a good thing and others said it was not a good thing.

~B) How does all the content of this article apply to the profession of journalism along with the conduct and production of our own newspaper, the Tiger Rag...?

If something like this can happen to Dalton's school newspaper, then it could happen to the Tiger Rag as well. Of course, something like this would only happen on a rare occurrence if we ever happened to have a speaker of that much power come speak at our school. But of course it can happen, and I think that if it does happen, then we as journalists should take it as a way to show people in 'higher up" positions what high schools can do. I mean, we can be pretty smart if we really wanted to be. If we ever get the chance to publish an article about some big speech that some big man made at our school, then it simply is a way to represent high school journalists.

~C) Questions??

I was just wondering if anyone else noticed how ironic it is to have this Justice guy be "one of the most vigilant defenders of First Amendment values" and yet there were people taking the article draft and "tweaking" it. Or maybe it's just me. And I also, was wondering how Kennedy was really thinking as all this was going about. Was it really his idea to have the article tweaked or someone else? Maybe that was just a confusing part for me to read in the article.